Sports Specific Strength and Conditioning Program:

We can help you prepare for the next level of competition through resistance training and conditioning. If you’re looking to improve your speed for a competitive event, increase overall strength, or simply get better in the off-season, our customized programs will help you get there.

Exercise Testing:

We can conduct baseline fitness assessments, such as Vo2 Max testing, one rep max testing, to design the most effective training program to meet your goals. These assessments focus training on particular areas that require improvement to ensure peak performance.

Team Building/Leadership Development

We work with your team to develop leadership and team cohesion. Our programs help teams come together. We have done this with LSU Women’s Basketball.

Nutrition Coaching

Led by Dr. Penny Wilson

The Initial Coaching Session is where we start working together. The topics covered in this 75 minute session, and all sessions, are based on your goals, issues, problems and questions. Examples of topics we can cover include:

  • Fitting healthy eating into your busy schedule so you know what to eat and when.This means you’ll have a plan for your food and when to eat so you’ll have energy through your day and your workouts.
  • Addressing stomach or GI issues that are interfering with your training and racing so you don’t have to plan your workouts around potty stops.
  • Figuring out a starting point of what to eat and when to lose or gain weight that works with your training. Often, athletes reduce calories to a point, or at the wrong time, that their training suffers. We work together to develop a realistic plan that lets you achieve your weight goals while achieving your training and racing goals.
  • Provide basic guidelines for fueling before, during, and after workouts so that you can have great workouts and recover faster.
  • Review your sleep schedule and quality. Getting great and enough sleep directly impacts your ability to recover and get stronger as well as to lose or gain weight. We’ll talk about how to get better and more sleep.

3 Session Package

We start with an Initial Coaching Session described above and follow it with two, 50 minute nutrition coaching sessions. The topics covered during the follow-up sessions are based on your goals, issues, and questions. We’ll review what has and hasn’t worked from the prior sessions and make adjustments. Often, getting the puzzle pieces to fit together takes some time and adjustment of how the pieces meet.

Additional 50 Minute Nutrition Coaching Sessions

You can add as many additional 50 minute follow-up sessions as needed to get the nutrition pieces of your puzzle firmly together.

Race Fueling Plan

When your race day arrives, you don’t want to have to worry about what to eat and drink and when. Developing a Race Fueling Plan is a partnership between you and your Nutrition Coach. You work together to customize a plan using the foods and drinks you and your body like so you have peace of mind about your fueling on race day. Your custom Race Fueling Plan will detail what to eat and drink the day before the race, morning of the race, during and after the race. You’ll know what to eat and drink and when. You’ll test your plan out during your training and work with your Nutrition Coach to make adjustments. When you reach the start line, you’ll have a plan you know will work. This planning process should start three to five months before your race